Fit Into It Sam Alese

Personal Training allows a special connection between student and trainer that is hard to describe other than a sense of “togetherness” where beating limits and sharing success is what bonds us.


We like tailoring programmes, whether your goal is weight loss, better balance, higher definition, greater flexibility, toning or strength and conditioning, your personal journey to get there must be as unique as you are.


Control of the mind is imperative for control of the body. We would go as far to say that any exercise that is performed without careful control and attention to both mind + body would be analogous to only performing half an exercise.


Our emphasis is on quality of movement rather than quantity or load. We ensure that the right muscles are used at the right time to get the most efficient movement and that you get the most out of your workout.


If we’ve learned anything in the past 10 years it’s the importance of delivering a fun workout. We know that enjoying yourself drives motivation, which, when combined with a variety of exercises, turns ambition into achievement.

Fit Into It Sam Alese
Teaching is a such big variety, I am ‘forced’ to keep myself up to date – therefore I’m always discovering new exercises, new tips and last but not least, new challenges! To be a good fitness instructor, all you need is to experience what you teach… putting yourself into somebody else’s shoes improves you professionally as you become a student again, plus, of course, it keeps you fit! There is no better teacher than experience.Sam Alese, Founder & Director, Fit Into It

Sam started her journey as a trainer in 2006 qualifying in Fitness Instructing, Exercise & Fitness Knowledge and as a YMCA Gym instructor. By 2009 she  added Cardio Kick, Keiser cycle, Keiser cycle advanced and Power Plate Academy.


Many other courses followed including Aqua aerobics, Kettle-bells, Lesmills programmes and she qualified in Body Pump, RPM, Body Combat and Zumba.


She’s currently qualifying in Pilates and Pole Acrobatics, and is excited to finish her fourth year of British Sign Language to begin a new project in support of deaf community.

Are you ready?


Fit Into It Sam Alese

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